Tom Oliver Nutrition Probiotic Complete (60 Caps)

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Advanced Digestive Support Tom Oliver Nutrition Probiotic Complete, is the next generation of Probiotic Support. The superior bacterial species Bacillus Coagulans forms spores, which on activation in the acidic environment of the stomach, can germinate and proliferate in the intestine, producing the favoured L(+) form of lactic acid and preventing the growth of pathogens.

Different from regular Probiotics, Spore forming bacteria offers four major advantages over non-spore forming probiotics such as Lactobacillus in your gut: Survive the low pH - Spores survive the acidic conditions of the gut. (not the case for all Lactobacillus species) Resist breakdown from enzymes - Travel in the small intestine so are not broken down Heat-stable - Can be stored at room temperature without loss of effectiveness.

Antibiotic-resistant - Can take them while using antibiotics to help support your healthy microbiome. In addition, we have added Prebiotic (Inulin Beneo Orafti). This non-digestible fibre promotes the health of good bacteria in your stomach.

Bacteria in your body will use this to nourish and grow, which will keep you and your stomach healthy. Each, small easy to swallow capsule, provides 10 billion live cultures. Each Capsule provides: 10 Billion live cultures.