Battle Snacks Battle Bites 12x60g

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Battle Bites are high protein, low sugar, guilt free snack! Each Bite-sized piece is made in Battle Snacks family-run bakery in the UK. Battle Bites are a convenient way to consume additional protein throughout the day without adding unwanted sugar.


  • 20g Protein Per Bar (10g per bite-size piece)
  • Low Sugar (<3g)
  • Low Impact Carbs (<3g)
  • Less than 120 Calories Per Bite-Sized Piece
  • Made In The UK
  • Non-GMO

Battle Bites are not extruded through high-pressure machines like 99% of other bars on the market. The Battle Oats team use a unique bake process allowing them to achieve a softer no-chew texture that is deliciously indulgent.


Let’s party! Birthday Cake Battle Bites boasts a nice soft vanilla-infused cake style centre, with a jammy raspberry coloured caramel layer, covered in low sugar white chocolate and topped with naturally coloured sprinkles.

Birthday Cake Battle Bites make a perfect protein treat for celebrating your fitness buddies most special day of the year. However, they’re so good you’ll want to enjoy them more than once every 12 months.


Introducing Candy Cane flavoured Battle Bites for a limited time only (whilst stocks last)!

Imagine a protein bar that tastes like an actual Candy Cane but with less than 3g sugar and 20g protein! Soft baked in Battle Oat's UK bakery, Candy Cane is covered in low sugar milk chocolate with a crunchy peppermint topping. It has a naturally coloured red soft centre with a white chocolate gooey caramel middle layer.

Low sugar, high protein and delicious!

These make for a great festive protein treat so why not surprise your partner with one wrapped up nicely under the tree this coming holiday season.


Sweet just got a little bit salty with Caramel Pretzel flavour Battle Bites. This is our most awesome flavour ever! Featuring light crunchy salty pretzel pieces on top with a smooth decadent salted caramel chocolate coating.

It has all the deliciousness of a naughty treat but packs just 2g of sugar and only 220 calories per 62g bar. With sweet and salty creamy flavours, no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fats — Caramel Pretzel is an outrageous anytime healthy protein treat!


Frosted Carrot Cake Battle Bites are a success story of how a vegetable became a low sugar, high protein dessert.

Finally, you can enjoy your favourite cake but without the calorific sugar guilt! And… because Battle Bites are baked (not processed) they guarantee a lovely soft velvety cake texture with a warming spice of cinnamon smooshed together with a layer of low sugar caramel and finished off perfectly with novelty carrot shaped sprinkles on top.

Now you can have your cake and eat it too.


This is a battle cry to all caramel lovers! Our caramel layered low sugar chocolate bite-sized pieces have a soft chocolate core and fudge crumb topping that – when consumed – will take you to a whole new level of rich, caramel, chocolate euphoria!


Bite your way to chocolate coconut euphoria! Choc Coconut is enrobed in low sugar milk chocolate, layered in caramel, and has a delightfully soft centre. Not quite satisfied your coconut demands? Ok, so we added a healthy serving of coconut topping to each bite-sized piece. Each Battle Bite packs 20g of protein... hitting your daily protein macros has never tasted so good!


We took an American classic to a whole 'other level of amazingness'. This flavour is loaded with the most euphoric blend of cookies & cream flavour, layered with caramel, with crunchy cookie crispiest in the middle and chocolate coated crispiest on top.

Each Battle Bite is enrobed in low sugar milk chocolate and packs 20g of protein to boost.


They say this dessert goes down faster than the water in the Mississippi River during spring rains and whilst Mississippi can be a hard word to spell, Mississippi Mud Pie is an easy treat to eat!

Covered in low sugar chocolate, and layered with chocolate nougat, chocolate caramel, and topped with delicious soft white chocolate stars.

This beloved dessert-inspired flavour makes for a great tasty treat just without the calories, carbs and sugar of a traditional slice of Mud Pie.

Each bar contains 20g of protein to boost.


Yes, this is as good as it looks. Battle Bites brings you Red Velvet, featuring two vanilla-flavoured white chocolate pieces, with a decadent red velvet centre, and a soft gooey middle layer of chocolate caramel. You won’t believe this Red Velvet treat is only 3g sugar whilst providing 20g protein.