Do you need PCT with Sarms?

Apr 10, 2020 0 comments
Do you need PCT with Sarms?

What is PCT?

PCT stands for post cycle therapy. When you stop a cycle, your body gradually adjusts to the absence. Depending on the length and intensity of dosage, your body can either bounce back quickly or it may take time for you to recover. This is where PCT comes in.

PCT or post-cycle therapy helps to produce testosterone naturally. Also, PCT helps you maintain all that hard-earned muscle that can get lost after a cycle.

When you take SARMs, you stimulate your body’s androgen receptors to boost muscle and bone development. Unlike steroids, however, SARMs mostly don’t have any DHT related sides and do not aromatize to estrogen. Still, it makes the body feel that this is all due to a high level of testosterone.

As a result, some SARM users experience varying degrees of testosterone suppression and this is where a PCT comes in.

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